In the news: Airport Lifestyle at Hooks Airport in Spring, Texas

If you live in Southeast Texas, you may have caught Tuesday’s article in the Houston Chronicle titled Home is where the hangar is. The tagline reads: At David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, aviation enthusiasts make their dreams come true by living on the grounds. About a year ago, my husband, Dale, and I began a search for our own airport home and were surprised by the vast number of fly-in communities throughout the Lone Star State. My real estate colleagues were also surprised, these unusual properties seem to be some of the best kept secrets in Texas!

Houston Chronicle Business Section, 9/15.2015
Houston Chronicle Business Section, 9/15/2015

Also known as air parks, fly-in communities come in all types, sizes and price ranges. Some are luxurious subdivisions, others are middle class neighborhoods while some share the runway with businesses giving them more of an industrial atmosphere. Some air parks are rural while others are in the suburbs or even near a city center. Some offer full-service FBO’s and paved runways, others have private grass airstrips. However, all of the communities we visited have one thing in common: an aviation lifestyle with friendly neighbors who share the love of flying.

Dale and I finally settled on a middle-class fly-in community north of Houston, an easy commute to my established real estate territory and to my husband’s job at Bush Airport. We’re now in the early planning stages of our dream “hangar home” and I look forward to sharing this journey with you,  readers. As I continue exploring airports and fly-in communities across the state, I’ll relay our adventures and insights with you as well.

Wherever you are in Texas, please call me if you’re interested in learning more about aviation lifestyle communities or airport property: 832-563-6713.


*View the Houston Chronicle article HERE

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