Houston Area Air Parks Offer Lots of Lots!

My husband, Dale, and I initially planned to purchase an existing airpark home but, after months of searching, we didn’t find one that suited us. Building seemed daunting and expensive until, one day, Dale flew with a pilot who showed photos of his luxurious home constructed through an owner participation program. This unique approach allows the home-owner to be general contractor while providing professional guidance plus a ready pool of proven subs and suppliers. As general contractors, we are in the “pilot’s seat” of the building process and saving a considerable amount compared to a traditional custom home builder (call me for  more information about this program).


Now that custom building was a viable option, where would we want our dream hangar home? We explored many fly-in properties throughout Texas and wound up in Waverly Acres Residential Airpark. This beautiful, pastoral neighborhood currently has several 2 – 14+ acre estate home-sites available.  All have access to the illuminated 4100 x 125 ft. turf runway and the 5+ acre lots allow horses.  Homesites start at about $25K/acre.

Virtual tour:  Waverly Acres Residential Airpark

Listing:  Lot 24

Our first runner-up was Lake Livingston Air Park, a fly-in community just north of Houston with access to the Livingston Municipal Airport which boasts an impressive 3704 x 60 ft. illuminated asphalt runway and 100LL fuel on-site.

Virtual tour: Lake Livingston Air Park

Listings:  Lot 3   &    Lot 51   

You might be surprised to learn that there are numerous fly-in communities, air-parks and airport lots available in and around Houston:  Airpark Lots

Call me for information about these or other aviation properties:  (832)563-6713.

Happy flying!



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