San Geronimo Airpark

I always wanted to fly and after many years of wanting, I finally took lessons and got my PPL. The ink wasn’t even dry and I was looking at airplanes. Old airplanes were all I could afford but then a friend threw a Kitplanes magazing on my desk and I was hooked. Several years later I was flying my homebuilt dream and I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to live near the airport – or even better, on an airport. I went to many fly-ins and was jealous of the airpark people that got to live with airplanes in their “garages”.

My wife and I chose to move to San Antonio TX and I quickly researched and visited all of the airparks in the area. San Geronimo was easily the airpark of choice, right outside of the city, a very laid-back country atmosphere, and an active Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapter. In fact, one of the oldest chapters in the country with prominent designers and builders. We bought a hangar and a beautiful one-acre house/hangar lot. I was in heaven!

San Geronimo Airpark near San Antonio

It is a gated community of active pilots with a very wide range of pilot experience and plane preference. There are regular fly-ins and other chapter events, Young Eagles flying and even a chapter hangar that built an ultralight airplane with local high school kids. Owners have regular dinners and parties, and people are always hanging out in the popular hang-out hangars and buzzing around in golf carts. It’s much more of a family than a community, and they are part of the larger flying and airpark community in central Texas.

San Geronimo Airpark from the author’s plane

I love Dr. Suess’s saying “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” and I needed it badly when we decided to sell everything and travel full-time in our RV (not the kitplane, the one with wheels). While I miss my airplane and the airpark community, we are enjoying seeing the country by driving instead of flying. Working and flying at the airpark was dream come true for me and I am so lucky to have the experience. Our property is still sitting there (for sale but not actively selling) because maybe someday we will settle down again and we are reluctant to give up such a unique property.

By Gary Krysztopiki

Interested in living with your airplane?  Contact me about properties currently for sale at Geronimo and other Texas Airparks!  Your aviation lifestyle awaits.  (832)563-6713   ~Jaqui


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